Far Out Books. 4 volume collage books.
Olympia Books

Fuzz Against Junk can be seen in its entirety on-line at The Evergreen Review.

Olympia Press edited by Maurice Girodias, 1996.

Information and reviews of The Good Ship Venus: The Erotic Voyage Of The Olympia Press by John de St. Jorre. Hutchinson - London, 1996.

Venus Bound by John de St. Jorre. Random House, 1996.

LUX is a nonprofit organization established to promote and support artists' moving image work both in the UK and internationally. LUX holds in its archives the three films Rubington made while in England, Frabjous Day, Birth of Venus and Fuzz Against Junk. LUX inherited these prints from the London Filmmakers' Coop, via its successor organization, the Lux Centre (which closed in late 2001). They are now held by Ann May Greene of Wyncote, PA.

National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humor. 1973, 2004.

Complete Book of Erotic Art. Kronhausen, 1978.